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Dunrite Heating & Cooling Systems, Inc. BBB Business Review

"I was having issues with a new thermostat I installed, they tried working me through it on the phone, and when that didn't work they came in to fix the problem same day. A+ service, would recommend without hesitation."
Posted by E. Isa in Northville on 10/6/13
"I used Dunrite to repair my cooling system, I was very happy with them.  It all worked out, they did a good job with everything and were on time."
Posted by Vinith B. in Ypsilanti on 09/16/13
"My tenant contacted Dunrite, who apparently was the only company to actually answer the phone, and scheduled a service visit for between noon and 2 PM.  The technician arrived at around 1:30, tested refrigerant levels with tenant present, and was waiting for me to review his findings when I arrived at the home, A Rating"
Posted by Jeffrey Frank on 7/16/13
"I received a very rapid response to my request for service ona non-working AC during very hot weather.  I was told they would call if there were any cancellations to move up the appointment, I didn't expect that to happen but it did.  I had service within 4 hours of my request.  The technician was very nice and spend over an hour outside in the horrible heat to educate me on some basic information on the unit and how it works.  Not only was the service rapid but the technician was wonderful and the cost seemed reasonable.  I was nervous because I selected the company via the internet but I was very satisfied and would not hesitate to recommend them."
Posted by Judy R. in Canton on 07/17/13
"I have an elderly mother and called dunrite heating and cooling at 1:00 a.m. they sent someone over to repair her furnace the guy that showed up his name was Chuck he did a great job and put my mother at ease with the way he treated her. I would use this company again and tell my friends and family the same thing. Again Thank You Dunrite and Chuck."
Posted by Dave S. in Bellville on 01/23/13
"When my air conditioner stopped working I was terrified that I needed a new air conditioner so I called Dunrite and the service man came out.  My unit is 25 years old and asked for a price and the gentlman assessed the unit.  Once he evaluated the unit he showed me why my unit wasn't working properly instead of selling me a new unit.  He started cleaning the unit and making adjustments to the existing unit, once he finished the air unit he also cleaned my furnace and replaced the air filter.  I am really impressed with these guys and will refer them to anyone who needs heating and cooling help."
Posted by Jennifer G. in New Boston on 10/28/12
"The technician is great. He was very nice, explained everything. Of course its not cheap and if we had the time and a place to purchase parts we'd have done it ourselves for a lot less. We called at 4:30 pm and he was out here by 6-and no increase charges 'after hours'."
Posted by ThriftyCMom in 08/2012
"I called Dunrite based on their positive reviews. I was not disappointed. I thought I needed to replace my boiler, but they came out and gave me a step by step plan to avoid making a huge investment. Whenever you find an honest HVAC provider never loose their number! Use Dunrite."
Posted by Clarence M. in 2012
"Great service at reasonable price. The technician was good and knew what he was doing. They are little pricey but very professional. Would continue with them."
Posted by Googleuser in 2012
"Professional, personable, knowledgeable…Dunrite came to our home last week to light a pilot light for a pool heater. He had it up and running in no time. Last time he properly diagnosed a furnace problem and saved us at least $800. A previous company wanted to change a cracked circuit board. This would not have solved the problem and we would still have had to replace the gas regulator which was the true problem. I highly recommend Dunrite. It is peace of mind to have that level of confidence in any service provider. "
Posted by Reviewer3000 in Ypsilanti on 05/02/2011
"The first hot day of this year I discovered my A/C was not working, I called many companies and paid over $100 to a company just to tell me that my system would cost too much to repair and I needed a new A/C. It didn't sound right to me so I decided to look around some more and luckily found Dunrite, they were very helpful, came out right away and fixed my A/C. They saved me a lot of money....Thank you!"
Posted by SHatter on 06/14/2011
"I had several estimates for a new furnace and air conditioner, Dunrite came in 2nd but I wanted to go with my gut so I chose them. Very happy, the inspector loved the work. I would highly recommend this company to my family and friends."
Posted by Lacroix on 06/27/2011
"Lightning hit the power lines behind my house and the power surge destroyed my A/C. Once my power was restored I called Dunrite and they worked directly with my insurance and took care of everything. It was great, they were very helpful. Thank you guys! "
Posted by Google User on 8/14/2011
"very satisfied, i had an emergency and I called Dunrite. the owner came out personally and he was very nice. Fixed my furnace in an hour. i would highy recommend them"
Posted by grandmajo1 on 05/11/2010