Dunrite Heating and Cooling provides Furnace to Plymouth MI. Contact us for Furnace service in Ann Arbor MI. Leave a review of your Furnace maintenance in Canton MI from Dunrite. Schedule your Heating repair today in Ann Arbor MI today!
Dunrite Heating and Cooling provides Furnace to Ann Arbor MI.
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Dunrite Heating & Cooling offers only the highest quality heating systems for your home. Correct design, installation, and maintenance of your centralized heating system helps maximize the return on your investment. We carry a variety of systems from respected manufacturers.

Furnace - A furnace tune up cleans your system helping it operate more efficiently while saving you money on operating costs. Plus a tune up is a safety check which will detect any defective or damaged parts. Keep in mind that an annual tune up is recommended by all manufacturers and utility companies. It is designed to keep your heating system running smoothly and efficiently to save you money. Our certified and professional heating contractors provide furnace tune-ups, as well as installation of new furnace systems. Learn more about our furnace repair and installation services.

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The complete line-up of Amana brand gas furnaces offer what we believe to be the best warranty programs in the heating and cooling industry. Several furnace models offer variable and multi-speed performance. This provides enhanced indoor comfort by slowly ramping up to your thermostat setting rather that simply starting at full speed alleviating the 'cold air-blow' often associated with single-speed furnaces. To find the highest level of energy-efficient gas furnaces, look for the highest AFUE rating.