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Heating Equipment

Heating Equipment

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There are many options for new heating equipment.  We recommend many of the top brand names in the industry that have developed the finest manufactured and most efficient systems.  All of the new systems we install have received the Energy Star rating for high efficiency.

During our personal evaluation and consultation we will show you the best products for your family's comfort.  This does not mean that you need to necessarily purchase the top of the line products in order to receive a return on your investment over the years of operation.  Speak to your service technician about what is best for you.


Some of our most popular Brands:



AMANA AMH80:  80% AFUE Performance, Two-Stage, Multi-Speed.


STARTING AT $1,495.00

Notable features:

Heavy-duty Million-Air stainless-steel dual-diameter tubular heat eschanger.

Durable SureStart Silicon Nitride Igniter.

Electronic control board with self diagnostics.

Auto-Comfort and enhanced dehumidification modes.

Energy-saving, quiet four-speed circulator motor.



AMANA AMH95:  Up to 96% AFUE Performance, Million-Air Stainless-Steel Heat Exchanger Two-Stage, Multi-Speed. 


STARTING AT $2,142.00

Notable features:

Heavy-duty Million-Air stainless-steel dual-diameter tubular heat eschanger.


Stainless-steel secondary heat exchanger.

Durable SureStart 110-volt Silicon Nitride Igniter.

Control board stores last diagnostic codes in memory and outputs the fault history to a flashing red LED.



AMANA AMVM96:  Up to 96% AFUE Performance, Multi-Position, Modulating Variable Speed, ComfortNet™ Communicating Systems Compatible, Million-Aire® Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger.



STARTING AT $2,876.00

Notable features:

Self calibrating modulating gas valve operates with ComfortNet™ communicating two stage or single stage thermostats.

Color coded low voltage terminals with provisions for electronic air cleaners and humidifiers.

Efficient and quiet variable speed airflow system, self diagnostic control board with constant memory fault code history and much more!



Heat Pumps:  Utilizing electric power, this unit both cools and heats your home. Perfect for homeownerslooking for cost efficient comfort.
Humidifiers:   Adds the perfect amount of moisture directly into your heating ducts to improve your indoor comfort level to avoid things like electrostatic build-up or dry air.
Indoor Air Quality (IAQ):  Refers to a variety of system accessories that remove harmful unwanted airborne pollutants from your heating system. Contact us for complete details.
Digital Thermostats:  Easy to use and operates as the control center for all heating systems. Set the ideal temperature for when you’re home or away.
Zoned Heating:  Allows homeowners to control temperatures in separate areas of the home resulting in energy conservation and reduced heating bills.