Dunrite Heating and Cooling provides Furnace to Plymouth MI. Contact us for Furnace service in Ann Arbor MI. Leave a review of your Furnace maintenance in Canton MI from Dunrite. Schedule your Heating repair today in Ann Arbor MI today!
Dunrite Heating and Cooling provides Furnace to Ann Arbor MI.
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We're also happy talk over the problem with you first just to make sure its not something simple you might easily be able to correct yourself.
After all, why should you pay for a call you might not need?

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If you can’t get your central air conditioner to cool or your furnace to warm up your home – Don’t Panic. Give us a call, because a lot of times it’s something simple like a loose cover or something else really silly that we may be able to help you with over the phone, because at Dunrite Heating & Cooling Systems, Inc. our expert advice is always free and friendly. After all if it’s something simple, why should you be penalized?

If you’re not comfortable just getting advice and you want us to come out to fix your system, on—relax we can still help you. For a low dispatch fee, we will come to your home, diagnose your problem, and let you know up front all your options in writing. You’re in control the whole time with no surprises. In fact, 90% of the time we can be there within 24 hours and have your heating system up and running within a few hours from the time you call.

We can promise this because we’re different than most other companies. For one thing, we don’t just repair the newer equipment; we service all furnaces- even the old ones. That’s right... even if your furnace is over 5 years old or out of warranty, chances are good we’ll either have the part, or be able to get the part and fix your problem the same day. Best of all, the highly trained technician we send will be competent, courteous and drug-free.

You see, we want a chance to demonstrate to you what “exceptional service” really is because Dunrite Heating & Cooling Systems, Inc. want to be your first choice when it comes to your home's heating service.

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